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Nightwatch.js Selenium e2e test: input field clearing issue

While doing e2e (end to end) tests for frontend (Vue.JS), i've bumped into something interesting, which was really fun to fix/find a workaround of.

Firstly, for e2e tests, i've used Nightwatch.js, which uses the Selenium API, and is written in Node.js.

The problem was that, I was not being able to clear some input tag field data using the API provided by Nightwatch -- browser.clearValue. For example:


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Postgresql: Running `psql` as user `postgres` from different system username on localhost

Postgresql's postmaster (Postgresql cluster [not cluster in the usual notion] manager), listens on TCP socket and also on UNIX domain socket (for localhost use only). Using UNIX doamin sockets to connect to Postgresql is very useful as it is bound to filesystem access only, no network socket involved. As a result, we get less overhead and less resource usage.

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API to get your public IP and other HTTP request metadata

Often times we face the need to get our public IP address; in doing so, from time to time, we've used many URL endpoints, found in the wild - which seem to serve well for a while before disappearing suddenly, forever. As a permanent fix to this dilemma, i've written a tiny app and created couple of URL endpoints on my domain to get the public IP address and some HTTP request metadata over HTTP.

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