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My recent work,, has entered the public beta phase and will be stable soon! The domain was registered on 29 June, 2018 (Friday) and then made public the same day. This was a really fun one work on, with so many challenges, so many corner cases, and so many more to come and tackle. But it feels really awesome to get this piece of work rolling and seeing people appreciating the idea and work.

Firstly, the frontend is (being) developed by Arif, kudos to him for doing an awesome job.

The idea of Dealiable is pretty simple -- to collect all the deals from all online shops of Bangladesh and make them easily available for the users to Search-Compare-Pick!. One very important note here is that, we don't have any form of affiliation or contract with any online shop to collect the deals data; we collect the data by technological means and present them through a single place --

The collection, storage, retrieval, presentation of this huge chunk of data efficiently and correctly on a regular basis is the real challenge, and for now, I think we have sorted that out well enough. I'll write up about our tech stack once i get a chance.

Most importantly, if you have any idea or suggestion to share, please do so. Thank you!


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