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Joined EatingHabits as CTO

Very recently, I've started a new journey by joining a Barcelona based startup, EatingHabits, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

I'm actually the technical co-founder of the startup, where my job is basically to handle all the tech related stuff, and making sure everything is properly synchronized as far as the tech stack is concerned.

Idea behind EatingHabits:

I liked the idea behind EatingHabits as it could have a direct impact on the lives of so many people who need this. The idea is to create a digital tracker for repetitive tasks that we do on a daily basis. There are so many habit trackers out there, but EatingHabits will be specifically designed for people with eating disorders, so that they can follow the doctors' prescribed diets/tasks/habits, and can also generate reports easily to have them shared with the doctor for assessment.

Moreover, the doctors will be able to login as well and check the diets/tasks/habits of the patients easily; they even will be able to add/remove habits if needed. So, it will work for both parties seamlessly.

While the app is planned for a specific group of people, it will no way be restricted for that group only as far as functionalities are concerned; anyone will be able to use it easily for tracking their routine tasks. For example, I'm planning to use it for tracking my exercise everyday. The potential is limitless as you can imagine.


My company Intrepid Inceptions (and all projects under it), will continue its operation as usual, and I'll spend time in both workspheres as needed. But the next few months (at least), I'll be busy with coding for EatingHabits, to make sure it is up and running properly -- the sooner the better.

Update (June 12, 2019):

The App is released (just came out of alpha)!

Happy tracking!


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